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John Lewis, Don't market Israeli toys from illegal settlements

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Edinburgh Action for Palestine (EA4P) supports the human rights of Palestinians, campaigning for the end of Israeli military occupation, exile of Palestinian refugees, and discrimination against Palestinians within Israel. As part of this we promote peaceful opposition through BDS - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

 For 48 years, Palestinians have been harassed and threatened routinely by heavily armed soldiers, bombed, imprisoned without trial, subjected to daily military checkpoints so that normal life is impossible. Many must also watch while police or soldiers demolish their family homes. You can imagine the effect on children. Home is the one place children should always feel safe.

 John Lewis sells a range of toys from Israel: Halilit, Taf, Tiny Love and Interstar. The first three are made in Israel, but Interstar toys are made on a settlement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). A settlement is purpose-built housing for Jewish people on land taken by force from the Palestinians. The UN Security Council has repeatedly condemned the settlements as illegal - most recently two weeks ago - but settler businesses continue to thrive. Interstar is one such business. Halilit, as the UK supplier of Interstar, Taf and Tiny Love toy brands, also profits from Interstar's settlement business; And John Lewis then profits from the toy sales.

Palestinian homes are demolished for a number of reasons, including lack of allowance and collective punishment: 1025 structures in 2016, leaving 1613 people homeless. The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions reports that Palestinian homes are demolished to create space to expand settlements. - Thus, Interstar, Halilit and John Lewis may profit from the homelessness of some Palestinian children and families.

 Children are particularly vulnerable to this vicious oppression: Palestinian children going to school must face checkpoints, tear gas and even assault by Israeli soldiers and violent settlers. Meanwhile under the 10 year siege of Gaza, 30% of children have malnutrition, and water and basic medicine are scarce. The abuse of Palestinian child prisoners is an international scandal.  Http://

 EA4P members support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions as a peaceful means of putting pressure on the Israeli government to end this cruel occupation, exile and apartheid. Most of us could not buy any products from Israel while the occupation continues and you may feel the same. However, our formal request to John Lewis is at least not to assist the Occupation by dealing in settlement products.

PLEASE NOTE: Interstar are also sold by Argos and Amazon. John Lewis also sells Keter garden furniture and playhouses from Barkan settlements.

Please sign the petition urging John Lewis to end this trade. 

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