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T-Mobile: "Un-Carrier" net neutrality

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T-Mobile is the self-proclaimed 'un-carrier' that has made many important contributions to the wireless industry in the recent past. Thanks to John Legere and his leadership, it is difficult to walk into any retail wireless store and not be shown an unlimited plan; long-term contracts are a thing of the past; carriers, seeing that they are losing customers at record pace, are starting to focus more on what they can do for customers, not what customers can do for them.

Wireless is the future. Within the near few years, 5G will become standard and ubiquitous, potentially leading to a home internet "cord cutting" situation such as is continually seen with cable television today. T-Mobile knows this well, with the latest (planned) acquisition of Layer3 TV.

It is assumed that of all the wireless carriers, T-Mobile would be the first to come out in support of net neutrality; after all, all your marketing is focused on solving pain points... "mobile without borders," "carrier freedom," "un-carrier," "unleash," and even "unlimited." We, the signers of this petition, want you to solve this pain point before it starts. Unlimited should literally mean without limits, and because of the rollback of net-neutrality regulations, T-Mobile and others now have the freedom to limit however they want.

Please keep competition in the wireless industry. Your status and brand as the Un-carrier are in jeopardy of being questioned if you do not make a move in support of net-neutrality. Throttling, limits, and paying extra for services is not something the un-carrier stands for, it's something carriers want.

Cellular internet is a shared resource. We understand that at some level, network management must be implemented. However, when this begins to be a detriment to individual customers as far as cost, incentivizing people to pay more for faster internet (creating fast lanes), you have crossed the line from network management to net-neutrality violations.

Here are some potential solutions to this issue:

  • Work with an organization like the Electronic Freedom Foundation to strike a compromise between network management and a potential violation of net-neutrality
  • Provide customers a way to submit feedback on your network management practices, including kickback limits, network de-prioritization limits, and others
  • Adopt an official pro-net neutrality stance and include it in the un-contract, allowing customers to leave at any time if disagreeable network operation practices are observed
  • Provide a commitment to customers that service will never be terminated by T-Mobile for use of a VPN

We believe in the power that T-Mobile has over the industry, and want T-Mobile to continue to be the champion of change in the wireless industry. If you truly won't stop, this is the next logical step in the environment we are currently in.


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