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Say “No” to the Haast-Hollyford road

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Proposals for a road connecting Haast and Milford Sound first emerged in the 1870’s and have resurfaced regularly ever since. The latest incarnation to appear is backed by long time road advocate and former Westland mayor Durham Havill.

The proposed road would run through two national parks and a UNESCO World Heritage area, destroying the isolation of the Olivine Wilderness Reserve. One of the last sections of untouched coastal wilderness would lose the remoteness which protects it.

It would also, worryingly, facilitate access to mineral deposits in these reserve areas and, in so doing, increase the risk of mining operations being permitted to take place.

The Haast-Hollyford road is a plan as financially unviable as the failed Monorail and Routeburn Tunnel proposals. It would be an extremely expensive road to build as it runs through country prone to slips and heavy rain, is in the area of a major earthquake fault line, and requires bridging at least two big rivers. If the cost has been hugely underestimated – as opponents have reason to believe it has - the road could be left unfinished.

It is proposed that it would be a toll road - paid for by its users. However, if not enough people use it, the expenses of the road may be passed on to ratepayers.

Currently undeveloped settlements such as Jackson’s Bay would gain some financial benefit from the proposed road, but this would be very much at the expense of already well-established tourist destinations.

Cut a swathe through an area of pristine wilderness, remove the isolation which protects a priceless virgin forest, all for the benefit of just a few people -  what do you think about this?

Please say “No” to the Haast-Hollyford road. 

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