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The New Zealand flag was created in 1834 by Maori Chiefs before it became a British Colony. The present flag that we use was created in 1869 and officially in use in 1902, from then on. It was created before the Australian flag, which was made in and used 1901, so our flag doesn't look like theirs, before you complain. They copied us. John Key wants to change our flag. Why? It's not broken. There is nothing wrong with it! All it will do is waste time, and money. The people who are voting TOWARDS changing this flag are not thinking about New Zealand's history. They don't acknowledge that their forefathers fought for and possibly died under, the flag that we have now.

I have had people message me on Facebook to tell me small stories about their family's history, and they are very upsetting. Hard to share with a stranger, yet they have plucked up the courage to do so. One woman said her husband went to Afghanistan and came back in a coffin wrapped in the NZ Flag. The daughter they had together refers to it as "Daddy's Flag." 

Not to mention a huge reason; the colonisation of New Zealand. Without England, you and I would not even be here today. Who knows what this country would be like if it weren't for them. They are why New Zealand Europeans are here. Shouldn't we show our appreciation by keeping the flag as is?

$26 million dollars could go towards rebuilding Christchurch, fixing up Wellington's repeatable flood zones and multiple other issues plaguing our cities. What about child poverty? That is -still- rife in this country, and as a single mother myself, living on the SPB, I find it hard to get through every week with limited amount of part-time jobs going around.

Changing a historical New Zealand artefact..  Is this what you want, New Zealand? We now have a Prime Minister who wants to pretend that he is like Alex Salmond in Scotland, and thinks he can make a name for himself. We are a united country, and we should stay united, not fragmenting what we have right now by 'breaking off from the Union'. Vote to keep the flag as it is. Sign this petition and make John Key re-think what he has planned. This is an idiotic and foolish move.

Please, for the love of God, keep the flag the way it is! Try and convince him to use the millions of dollars to fix up other issues that mean way, way more than this.

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