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Demand my brother's immediate release.

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My brother spoke out for peace and now he is still a political prisoner. In December 2014, my brother was on his way to the US to visit us, but while boarding his plane, he was seized by the Congolese Secret Service. I am asking the US State Department and President Obama to step in and ask for the release of my brother before he is killed or dies from lack of medical care. He is still in prison. Today, I learned that my brother  VANO KIBOKO was moved to the military prison in Kinshasa-Ndolo. 

I am Mr. Kiboko, a US citizen of Congolese descent who has lived here in the  US for nearly 25 years. I came here to escape the civil war which has claimed so many lives in my country, to ensure that my children would have a better, safer future. My brother, however,  stayed behind to try and change things from within.  He is the President of our tribal association (LWANZO LWA MIKUBA), a former congressman and a United Methodist Church Evangelist. As an Evangelist, he preached peace, love, and forgiveness. As a Congressman he fought for those who didn’t have a voice. Now it is my brother who has been silenced, and I am asking for your help to encourage the US government to ensure his release.

My brother, Vano Kiboko is 56 years old. He became a target of President Kabila’s government when he denounced his government for the senseless murder of a young woman who was gunned down during a march for nonviolence.  He was ordered arrested by the president himself because he disagrees with his policies.

The problem is that my brother VANO KIBOKO has not broken any Congolese laws. He should have never been arrested. Despite this, the Congolese President has decided to keep him in prison without acknowledgement of any specific wrongdoing. My brother’s health is quickly deteriorating in prison. Now that he has been moved to a military prison because of his christian faith; we do not know what might happen to him. He needs help right now.

My brother bravely decided to stay and fight to change our country from within, that decision could possibly be fatal.  Keep praying for his safety and his health. Would you please join me and my family,  and stand for freedom of  speech and justice. Please tell the US State department and President Obama to formally ask for the immediate release of my brother Vano Kiboko.

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