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Veto S.B. 331 Pro-Puppy Mill Petland Bill in Ohio

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Hello everyone, my name is Angela. On 12/8/16 I was made aware that the Ohio Petland Bill passed. The Ohio Petland Bill S.B. 331, is pro-puppy mill. This bill allows retail sale of of puppies from mills without the intervention of Ohio's cities and towns. 

Puppy mills are inhumane commercial dog breeding for profit establishments. Puppy mill breeder dogs and their puppies are forced to live in small wire cages that are unhygienic. They are denied love, companionship, toys and veterinary care for the for the duration of their lives. Female breeder dogs give birth continuously to puppies without regard to their health, but for the profit that can be made from the sale of their puppies.

Often times, puppy mill dogs suffer from abuse, genetic abnormalities due to low genetic diversity - inbreeding, temperament and behavioral issues, disease, deformity and a multitude of other conditions. I volunteer at an animal shelter, first hand I have seen the effects that puppy mills have had on breeder dogs and their puppies. Breeder dogs the shelter has saved are unsocialized, afraid, abused, emaciated, infested with fleas and ticks have over grown nails and have never had bath in their lives.

The puppies rescued by the shelter have been declared "unprofitable" and not "adoptable" by the mills due to their health or physical conditions which are directly related to the puppy mill itself. The puppies just like their parents are afraid, abused, emaciated, infested with fleas and ticks, unsocialized, have overgrown nails and have never had a bath. The shelter has senior, adult and puppies, adopting a rescue helps aid in reducing the overpopulation of dogs.

Adopting saves a life. Adopting rescues helps curb the abuse, neglect and loneliness the puppy mills impose. I am asking for your help, with our voice and advocacy we can put an end to the suffering.

Thank you,
Angela Long

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