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Senator Jim Rosapepe and Delegates Barbara Frush, Joseline Pena-Melnyk, and Ben Barnes have written to the Anne Arundel County Council asking them to vote in favor of Councilman Benoit's proposal to ban landfills from residential areas.

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Dear Chairman Grasso and County Council Members,

The vote on County Council Bill 21-14 to remove the special exception for landfills in RA zoning did not happen on May 5, 2014, as was hoped. As you know, Councilmen Jamie Benoit and Chris Trumbauer have amended the bill and another hearing is scheduled for Monday, May 19, 2014.  

Former President of the Four Seasons Community Association, Andrew Pruski, supports the amended bill.  Four Seasons and many adjacent communities are impacted by continuous requests to expand landfills.  Ann Fligsten, from the Growth Action Network, and Jeff Andrade, former President of the Piney Orchard Community Association, spoke at the May 5th hearing.  They have been briefing county officials for over two years on the impact of these landfills along with other people who are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of these landfills and zero waste initiatives.  Yet, after all the meetings and discussions, the impact of these landfills on this county and to the entire state remain misunderstood.  It has been clearly demonstrated and documented we no longer need these landfills.  If the landfills are approved, we run the risk of becoming the dumping ground for the entire state, and the east coast, in order to meet the capacity requirements.

Of pertinent note, our constituents were very frustrated about the response of the county attorneys who, in their opinion, appeared to be setting up the argument for the landfill applicants rather than supporting the interests of county residents. The county attorneys appear to have allowed their fear of litigation to influence the County Executive and County Council members.  Through inaction, officials appear unwilling to stop these landfills even to the detriment of the health and well-being of county residents.  

The strategy to wait for the upcoming Circuit Court appeals hearing to avoid approving this bill is not a solution.  We hope that the county council members do not rely on the Circuit Court decision, as the responsibility to remove these special exceptions from the zoning regulations does not fall on the them.  These changes are long overdue.  By eliminating this special exception from the zoning regulations, it stops the process before it can ever start again.

We write to ask for your support and influence to approve this bill.  Further, we also need to ensure it is not vetoed by the County Executive.  It is the right decision to make for the health of the residents and the environment of our county and state.


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