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UPDATE 4/27/2014:

Michael Vick has been signed by the NY Jets, so the title has been revised to read "NY Jets: Release QB Michael Vick" instead. Since he has since been signed by the Jets, the only thing we can do now is demand his RELEASE. Feel free to continue reading the original message and the links on the bottom of the message.




Michael Vick should not be rewarded with another professional NFL contract in New York. The crimes he has commited against pit bulls should not be forgetten, and fans of the New York Jets should be vocal about our disproval of employing someone like Michael Vick. Many people aren't aware of the inhumane acts he has committed against pitbulls, so I will leave some links for everyone to see the truth of the crimes he has committed.

Letter to
General Manager - New York Jets John Idzik (General Manager - New York Jets)
Do the right thing and release QB Michael Vick. New Yorkers will not tolerate having him on a New York sports team. You will continue to lose fans and supporters the longer you keep him on the Jets payroll.

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