Freedom of expression through dress code - John I. Leonard High School

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Hello, my name is Troy Trevino, I am a Junior at John I. Leonard High School.

What I am bringing to the table today is something so widely talked about when it comes to the topic of school. That’s right dress code. Dress code is the basis of any organized institution, and thus, is important in this manner, there is no denying that. However, there is another side to this topic.  

High school is one of the most important stages in teenagers lives. With that, we should be able to dress to express ourselves. According to Judith E. Glaser “Neuroscience is teaching us that ‘self-expression’ might be one – if not the most important ways for people to connect, navigate and grow with each other.”  Judith is an American author, academic, business executive and organizational anthropologist. She entered college at 16, and received a master’s degree in Social Relations from Harvard University.

John I Leonard High School is the only public school in Palm Beach County that places restrictions on the type of shirts and pants we can wear. In the past year, we have been granted to ability to wear school issued t-shirts, however, this is only a small change. I believe we, as students, should be able to exercise our freedom of expression through our style when we go to school each day. As I speak for the student body, we are not asking for a completely renovated dress code, but rather, that we are allowed to express ourselves through the basics, tops and bottoms. Some may argue that if the dress code is changed, we will abuse it, wearing clothes shrouded in vulgarities, but when it comes down to it, there will always be some individuals who choose to break rules, as this happens no matter what set of rules are laid down.

Basically, we should be able to wear t-shirts, shorts, and hats, save that they are not vulgar in any way. Students who sign this petition will vouch for this change. Thank you - Troy Trevino