Stop The NDP From Allowing The Culling of Baby Moose and Their Mothers

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The NDP party of BC is planning to allow the culling of infant moose and their mothers in order to starve the wolf population to protect the endangered caribou.

This will have the exact opposite effect, as without food, wolves will start getting more aggressive, start hunting caribou, killing more livestock, which will eventually lead to a decline in our meat supplies, and maybe even start going after people.

It has been proven that directly dealing with predators is the best way of protecting endangered animals. This plan will eventually lead to moose becoming endangered, because the entire next generation will be calves or all dead. What about those babies that are left without a mother because someone shot her? The babies will suffer and have to find out how fend for themselves, find food on their own, etc. 

Plus, is it really humane to starve the wolves? Wolf populations could start declining if we try to starve them, yet another problem that this plan presents. Do we really want wolves to become extinct too? 

We have to stop this. The world's animal populations are suffering enough as it is, and the last thing we need is another endangered species. 

Let's leave some animals for the next generation!!  

Please sign now and help save the animal populations that the NDP's plan threatens to harm and destroy.