Install First Aid Kits and AEDs for Vancouver SkyTrain Stations, Make them more accessible

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Every single day, more than half a million people using the Vancouver SkyTrain system make up a total of 160 million riders annually. We have seen more people took transit in Vancouver than ever before. With the increasing number of riders, there is also an increasing number of injuries, Yet there is NOT a single basic first aid kit and AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) available for easy accessible general public use in ANY SkyTrain Station, Currently AED Units and First aid kits are accessible by Sky train staffs only in an emergency situation.

We have seen more and more, all over the news and social media, injury happens on the Skytrain platforms, ranging from minor to serious, yet no significant precaution measure was taken after these incidents, nothing has been done, nothing has been changed.

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SkyTrain’s Mounting Death Toll (55 deaths, 10 deaths were accidental)

Man critically injured after falling from SkyTrain escalator

Not only human but also animal

Dog shot in foot with BB gun during cellphone sale at SkyTrain station

Black bear hit by SkyTrain on Friday dies of injuries


Out of all potential injuries that could happen on the Skytrain platform, a Cardiac arrest or heart attack is the most deathliest. In the event of cardiac arrest, a person's chance of survival drops 10% per SINGLE minute without immediate treatment, the heart suddenly stops pumping blood, the body and brain do not get oxygen victims to lose consciousness. Even if the victim survived, the chance of permanent damage to the victim’s body increases every minute. Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) can be used to re-start or correct the heart rhythm of someone who is in cardiac arrest or having a heart attack, no first-aid training required.

Why Install First Aid Kits and AEDs for Vancouver SkyTrain Stations(open for the public)?

  • 160 million Skytrain riders annually, there more rider the more injury will happen, it just simple statistic 101
  • Heart disease is the number one killer in North America, Every Second Counts
  • Skytrain stations are located in the heart of the city, metropolitan and crowded places, it is not just the injury on the Skytrain platform that we are worried but also the people need to have access to first aid kit/AED in an event of an emergency. The Skytrain first aid kit/AED could act as an access point for the public.
  • Other cities have done it like Boston, Toronto, why not Vancouver?

With the installation of the First Aid Kits/ AEDs open for the public, most of the minor injuries can be treated immediately on the spot and increase the survival rate for the victim in case of major injuries while waiting for the arrival of EMS. About 55% of injuries on the SkyTrain lines are from slips, trips, and falls on escalators and stairs, with many occurring after the peak hours and over the evening. Stations like Granville Station have particularly been a hotspot for such injuries according to Michel Ladrak, the president and general manager of BC Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC), the TransLink subsidiary that operates the Expo Line and Millennium Line.

A medical emergency can happen to anyone, anywhere. It could be me, you, your daughter’s son, wife, loved ones. We talk a lot about public health, now its time to act. We need you. We need your voice. We need your support. Please sign and share this petition. It could save your life, loved ones and many other people in the future.