Help BC Lab Techs and health care workers receive hazard pay

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I am writing this on behalf of BC’s Medical Laboratory Techs.

A Medical Lab Tech and along with many other first responders, nurses, doctors we are all considered essential services during this time. As a health care worker there are thousands like myself who are overlooked because people don’t understand what we do and the dangers we are faced with each day as we stare this pandemic in the face. As a lab tech, we are consistently at the front of the line whether it be in emergency or on the wards when we have known and unknown covid-19 patients come in who must be screened with swabs that end up in our lab and must then be packaged by our lab assistants to send off to BCCDC or those same patients who have their blood taken daily by us and then processed in the lab.
Although we all practice safety and proper PPE procedures to the best of our abilities, we are still vulnerable and at risk of exposure. We are not required to stay at home from work and we are not required to self quarantine after a trip; we are the exception up until we show symptoms. Amid the chaos and fear that comes with this pandemic, we show up every day, overworked, tired, short staffed and sometimes scared. We must be present and available because as health care workers, our job demands it and it is our duty. We perform our jobs to the best of our ability despite living in fear of making sure we are not only putting ourselves at risk but our families and loved ones as well. I am glad that those affected by job loss are being compensated, it is only fair. But I also believe that ALL health care workers must be compensated as well. I am not a doctor nor a nurse, but we in health care are ALL front line workers. 

Thank you so much and thank you in advance for all your votes!