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Petitioning John Holer, Owner of Marineland Canada

Free Kiska the Orca From Marineland

We as the world are coming together united to plead for humanity & compassion from Marineland to set lone orca Kiska free from her enslavement.

We must reach  people from all over the World in hopes that they will  raise their voices, putting the pressure on this issue, and demand that Marineland stop exploiting this beautiful creature and to release her back to the natural home in which she belongs - with a family, a life, freedom - to break her chains of loneliness and slavery, so that she may spend the rest of her years in an environment that she rightfully deserves - her natural environment. 

    Right now Kiska swims alone in her concrete cell - the only remaining Orca Whale at Marineland - no company, no family, slowly feeling the impact of this psychological and physical damage that will continue to increase, taking a toll on her innocent life. 

    According to sources there is NO LAW where it is illegal in CANADA to keep an orca alone in captivity - which in many eyes is inhumane, cruel, and even heartbreaking that any human being would permit this to happen to an innocent life - and that an innocent life would even have to endure this violation. 

Marineland has apparently exhibited 29 Orcas since they have opened - 26 in which have died and 2 out of the last remaining 3 are now located at Seaworld; Out of the 26 dead - 5 were the children of KISKA - none of whom lived longer than 6 years.

This is why it is so important that we come together not just as one voice but as humanity to get Marineland to do what is right for the life of this innocent soul - to be part of a compassionate world and show the greatness of our nation. We all have witnessed and heard what captivity can do, and we need to finally bring an end to this slavery -- We need to step from the ways of the past and create a world where life is respected & cherished, free from the hands of those out for profit & greed - to create a better world for our future generations.

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