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Protect our youth services from budget cuts.

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Why has the government and local authorities chosen to tackle youth services? This is simply because the voting age is 18+ meaning that we cannot have a say through vote on what goes on in our country. What they don’t realize is we will fight until our youth services are safe. We will not put up with them being closed down.

How the youth has been treated by our current government is a disgrace. We have all heard of many youth service cuts from many places. Some of these include; Somerset Youth Service, Manchester, Birmingham, Devon Youth Service, Lancashire and Sussex.

Eastern England services were cut by £20 Million in the last 2 years.

What some people don’t seem to realize is the range of services our youth services actually provide. Our youth services don’t only provide an evening of fun but also education on life that even schools don’t provide. These can include Drugs, Sex, Finance, Alcohol and many other education points. Since youth services have been cut Youth unemployment has rocketed. Homelessness in youth has also risen in the past 2 or 3 years.

DYS’ twin purposes are:
• To support, challenge and enable the learning of young people in order that they may realise their full potential in shaping their own lives.
• To promote the social and economic inclusion of all young people so that they can contribute to, influence and be valued as part of their community and of society as a whole.

These show that the youth service's purpose is to support, challenge and enable young people to show their full potential in life. This happens through education and learning in the youth centre. The council have said that they are going to run services for the most venerable of young people. With the service cuts a lot more people will become venerable meaning It will cost just as much anyway.

DYS also has a purpose which is to promote the social and economic inclusion of all young people so that they can contribute to and influence to be valued as part of their community. 

In many rural areas of the country Youth Centres are the only thing for young people to do. If these Services are cut, what are they expected to do?

How can you help you ask? On Facebook and Twitter please share your nice experiences with us that you have had with our youth services. Also, if you are willing to, please share how they have helped you. Please use ‪#‎DevonYouth‬ to share your experiences. Also use #DevonYouth to spread the word. Also look out for other announcements on this page with how you can help save #DevonYouth .

Please help spread the word and help us save the Youth Service.
Thanks you to everyone who is supporting us so far!!!!
Remember #DevonYouth

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