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Stop Toxic Water Fluoridation in Florida

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"Fluoridation goes against all principles of pharmacology. It’s obsolete." -- Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Laureate in Medicine/Physiology.

We need to stop the government giving us toxic medicine that we do not need. Is our birthright to decide for ourselves if we need toxic rat poison sodium fluoride added to our public water. Please read info below and sign my petition. Show you care for your health and the health of our children!

More Info: Water fluoridation is the practice of adding industrial-grade fluoride chemicals to water for the purpose of preventing tooth decay.  United States, which fluoridates over 70% of its water supplies, has more people drinking fluoridated water than the rest of the world combined. Most developed nations, including all of Japan and 97% of western Europe, have already banned Sodium Fluoride in their water.

Data from the World Health Organization reveals that there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between the minority of western nations that fluoridate water, and the majority that do not. In fact, the tooth decay rates in many non-fluoridated countries are now lower than the tooth decay rates in fluoridated ones.

It is clear now, fluoridating water is a toxic, outdated, unnecessary, and dangerous relic from a 1950s public health culture that viewed mass distribution of chemicals much differently than scientists do today. The  few nations that still fluoridate their water should end the practice. Here’s three reasons why we need to stop this barbaric practice:

Reason #1: Fluoridation Is an Outdated Form of Mass Medication.  We should not be imposed by any government to medicate our selves. We should decide if we need medicine, no one should have the power to give us medication we do not need.

Reason #2: Fluoridation Is Dangerous, Unnecessary and Ineffective. Fluoride’s main benefit comes from topical contact with the teeth, not from ingestion.  is proven that Fluoride is a toxic chemical (Rat Poison) that cause neuro-developmental diseases in children and lowers their IQ.

Reason #3: Fluoridation Is Not a Safe Practice.  Adding more chemicals to the water supply, our food and to our earth is not a safe or clever thing to do.  Back in 1945, they made us believe that some chemicals were good for us, now we know that we are not doing the proper thing by contaminating ourselves, our children and our mother earth.

Lets STOP Fluoridation in Florida. Let's tell our head of the Florida Department of Health to stop this non-sense that poison our children and cost tax payers money.

Please sign this Petition and help us STOP this now!

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