Give us a chance to save grandmother’s house.

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For the past 7 years I have been in the battle of my life to save my childhood home. Since 2008, my mother has been threatened with foreclosure and eviction by the bank while at the same time saying they would work with us to modify her loan. This is called dual tracking, and it’s illegal. The court has already thrown out their case for eviction and now we need The bank to reverse the foreclosure so that my family can have the chance to save the house that we love.    My name is Denise Darnell Stephens Brown. I grew up in the beautiful historic district of Sherwood Forest, Detroit. My parents bought the house in 1968 and when my father passed away in 1992, he left it to my mother free and clear. However, during the crisis our family business began to hit some real financial troubles and my mother refinanced to help make ends meet. When things got worse we realized we wouldn’t be able to maintain the payments and asked the bank for a modification. Now the house I grew up in is in danger of being taken from us and put on the market by a bank that has used trickery and stalling tactics to get their way. We are the victims of dual tracking, a process by which a bank tells a homeowner that they will work with them to modify their loan, while all the while moving forward with foreclosure proceedings.Through several Freedom of Information Act requests we learned that there were several inconsistencies with the bank’s efforts to take ownership of our family home. Both the Michigan Secretary of State and Wayne County Executive have confirmed that important procedures, such as the notary of the public signature protocol, was not followed correctly. These inconsistencies should bring into question the bank’s foreclosure efforts. To add insult to injury, during the dual tracking process the bank forced me to assume the mortgage in order to move forward with the loan modification only to tell me later that I didn’t qualify because my income was too high. If we had left it in my mother’s name, it would have easily met their criteria for modification and there would have been no foreclosure. My mother can’t seem to understand the lengths to which the bank has gone to to take ownership of her home. She does, however,  know that this is her house, and she wants to fight for it. All we are asking is for The bank to ALLOW US TO BUY THE HOUSE BACK WITH THE $24,000 that we have paid to Wayne County Clerk in escrow. However, Wayne County has refused to give us the status of our escrow funds so we filed a Formal Complaint with Wayne County Commissioner Irma Clark-Coleman to investigate what the county has done with the funds. Using the escrow to get our home back will give us a chance to save grandmother’s house so that my children and their children can be a part of the legacy that my parents’ worked so hard to provide. Please join us and tell The bank to stop this heartless harassment and give my family another chance at the American Dream.

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