Drop out, John Delaney

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John Delaney, a former Maryland congressman, is running for president. You may not have heard of him—that's because he's completely failed to take off. Despite having been campaigning for two years, Delaney rarely gets more than 1 percent in polls. His message of bland centrism (the animating feature of his presidential campaign is an opposition to policies like Medicare for All and Republican-lite criticism of "class warfare") has totally failed to resonate in a Democratic field that is looking for exciting candidates with innovative policies.

Right now, 21 candidates have qualified for the Democratic debate, and only 20 will go. Delaney is taking the spot of former Sen. Mike Gravel, who miraculously qualified through huge grassroots support despite not campaigning. If Delaney drops out, Sen. Gravel will be able to debate. Unlike Delaney, Sen. Gravel is going to bring a new vision to the debates—a call for a foreign policy of peace and a domestic policy of justice and equality. Delaney has already fear-mongered about Gravel taking his spot: why not make that a reality?

Recently, Delaney's staffers have begun urging him to drop out; he's spent tens of millions of dollars (which could have gone to charity or to causes like paying the fines of Floridian ex-felons) on his vanity campaign. It's time for Delaney to stop wasting his money and all of our time and to give Sen. Gravel his richly-deserved spot on the debate stage.