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Protect the Privacy and Safety of Students in Toms River Schools

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Toms River Regional Schools has proposed a Transgender Policy that includes allowing students, based on individual needs, to access bathroom and locker rooms of the opposite sex. This is a sensitive topic as gender confusion is a real and personal struggle for individuals. Each person is unconditionally loved and fully valued in the eyes of God. Therefore, every student, despite their gender identity must be treated with the utmost love and respect. However, this proposed policy would potentially force girls to undress themselves in front of biological males. Girls and boys are naturally embarrassed and insecure of their bodies. Many feel awkward to change in front of those of the same gender. As parents, leaders and responsible adults, we must protect our daughters and sons from the potential shame that a violation of privacy and safety could cause.

As of Feb 2016, the policy has been "tabled" until further notice as Toms River Schools research other possible solutions. 

Please read this letter that was sent to John Coleman, Assistant Superintendent of Toms River Schools, on Wednesday, Jan 6, 2016. Add your name to the letter to show your support and encourage the district to accommodate the transgender-students in an alternative room. 

John Coleman

Assistant Superintendent

Toms River Regional Schools

1144 Hooper Avenue

Toms River, NJ 08753

Dear Mr. Coleman,

I am concerned about the proposed Transgender Policy #5756, read at the last Board of Education meeting on December 16, 2015. Each student deserves a nondiscriminatory learning environment. However, transgender polices that specifically mandate shared bathroom and locker rooms, undermine common sense and potentially violate the long held Sexual Harassment Policy #5751. Forced unwelcomed exposure from the opposite sex will create a sexually hostile learning environment.

In an effort to allow male students who identify as female to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, based on subjective and unverifiable identities, not on objective traits; the school board is risking the safety and health of all students. This lack of privacy and safety is extremely serious. If a “non-transgendered” male was to expose his nudity to young girls, the intention would be different, but the effects would be the same. The dramatic repercussions upon the quality of student life would be undeniable.

The children of Toms River Schools should not be used for a social engineering experiment without regard to their experience and its unintended consequences. A highly supervised alternative locker room and bathroom may be required as an accommodation, but government imposing ruinous liability on innocent minors is unacceptable.


Shawn Hyland  

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