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Florida is rich with fresh and marine water. In addition to its abundant surface water resources, Florida also sits atop the most plentiful freshwater aquifers in the United States, which supply water to hundreds of springs and provide the base flow for many of Florida’s rivers and streams. The state's surface and ground water resources are intimately connected and support our drinking water supplies, agriculture, industry, wildlife habitat, and a thriving recreation-based economy. The Floridan aquifer system is the primary source of drinking water for nearly 10 million people!

We are blessed have one of the largest concentration of springs on Earth. "The Floridan aquifer system is a principal aquifer of the United States and is one of the most productive aquifers in the world" (Miller, 1990). Yet our state is planning to build a pipeline for natural gas through the center of the state, the Sabal Trail pipeline. What we stand to lose in the form of natural resources and healthy water due to inevitable pollution of natural gases in our water is astounding - just google 'natural gas contaminated water' and watch the first video that shows up in the search tab. SPOILER ALERT: there is so much methane in the tap water, that it's flammable.

What we have is worth that much more when intentionally protected and held sacred to us. We here in Florida need to pursue this mission and protect our resources, despite what we are up against. We the public need to do this, and it starts with communication!

Construction of the Sabal Trail Pipeline must be stopped!

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