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Punishment should fit the crime

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This involves an 18 yr. old male & a 12/13 yr. old girl.   The young girl being the instigator sent nude photo of herself to the boy propositioning him, & agreed to give him oral sex.The act was completed without physical force, intoxication or any form of coercion or fear. This was all consensual. She is a minor that appeared older than she was & was also sexually active. His act was criminal but should be distinguished from those of a true sex predator.His act was "Stupid" not "Evil". This young girl was sexually experienced & a willing participant  regardless of her age.  He was taking sex classes recommended by the lawyer while waiting sentencing , the dr.(teacher) sent a letter to the Judge recommending downward departure to probation because the teenage boy scored next to 0 in being a repeat offender. The judge gave him 10 years. life on sex registry.  She should be receiving help herself.. No one in teen years should receive Prison time for consensual sex . He was stupid but he is not evil & doesn't deserve this lengthy prison sentence. Justice system gives a guy Brock Turner 6 months in Jail with probation because he is a varsity star swimmer but he raped a girl behind a dumpster while she was unconscious, while a teenage boy has consensual sex with a minor with no force gets 10 years..  You think he didn't have a life planned just because he wasn't a varsity star..  He was Stupid not Evil.. Brock Turner was Stupid & Evil.... Punishment needs to fit the crime, & laws for the sex registry need to change or be colored coded to distinguish between violent offenders & lesser first or 1 time issues.    Someone please see that this petition, letter, plea gets to the legislators, house, Washington or where ever it should be seen.  This young man is serving his time & has been incarcerated for almost a year. Please try & change the laws so that after his sentence of 8 years or more is served it will be punishment enough. Teens having consensual sex don't belong on sex registry.  Thanks  Susan Moore    

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