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Hire Mr. Tom Mesereau and Ms. Susan Yu to defend Michael Jackson and his Estate

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To the Executors Mr. John Branca and Mr. John McClain, Attorney Howard Weitzman for the Michael Jackson Estate.


Due to the presiding Judge's actions on October 1, 2014, there is an increased concern this will go to trial. The fact Michael Jackson is not here to dispute the accusations and offer opposing information only he might possess, but may be tried in absence is unpardonable. That he cannot face his accusers in a court of law is inexcusable. It is only right that Mr. Tom Mesereau who is familiar with the Plaintiffs and Defendant face the Plaintiffs in a court of law in Michael Jackson's absence as his Defense Attorney.


 We are aware these will be civil proceedings.  We have been informed there are rule differences between Civil and Criminal trials.  However, for all intent and purposes the accusers through the use of the worldwide Media is attempting to turn this into a criminal trial minus a living defendant who can assist in his own defense.  In fact retry trials decided by Grand Juries of 1994 and criminal trial of 2005.

As the people who have a vested personal and financial interest in the Estate of Michael Jackson we strongly urge you if you have not already done so hire Mr. Tom Mesereau to handle the pending trial of Mr. Wade Robson and Mr. Jimmy Safechuck vs. Michael Jackson and his Estate.

 As the people who have a vested interest in safeguarding Michael Jackson’s legacy which includes his reputation we request the assignment of Mr. Mesereau who has experience in dealing with this matter and who has knowledge and experience with the accusers.

 We strongly urge the Executors as a sign of good faith and a willingness to clear Michael Jackson of these charges and a desire to see a healthy Estate is handed to his children upon their majority, make any and all money and resources necessary available to Mr. Mesereau for the proper preparation to defend Michael Jackson and his Estate.   We also ask that upon appointment Mr. Mesereau is given any assistance necessary by you the Estate Executors and Attorney, and all discovery evidence.  


 Moreover, due to Mr. Robson's many publicized requests for unavailing information which you may or not have knowledge there is the possibility you may become a witness in the trials.

Due to the brevity of time this petition will not reach as many people as possible or  reflect the number of concerned person, but there are many.


 Thank you, Fans, Admirers, Supporters and Advocates for Michael Joe Jackson


This is modified appendage to the Petition with 495 signatures sent to Mr. John Branca August 25, 2014.




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