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Bring Edgar Vasquez Home!

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Edgar moved to North Carolina with his family when he was six years old in 1992. He has lived in this country for almost twenty five years and North Carolina is all he has ever known. His family lived in peace until 2007 when his father was deported only for driving without a drivers license. The family had to learn to survive without him. Eventually, Edgar applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which allowed him to obtain a work permit and a NC Drivers License. 

Edgar applied for advanced parole to see his maternal grandfather before he passed. Unfortunately his parole was not granted in time to see him but he decided to pay his respects to his grave and visit his family. Once in Mexico, on the day he was supposed to be back in the United States, (July 15th), he arrived at the airport to board his plane. However the airline official stated that she did not recognize the document and later stated that the advance parole had already expired. Edgar was not allowed to board his plane and was referred to the United States Embassy, which also turned him away because he was not a U.S. citizen. 

In his desperation to return, Edgar traveled to the U.S./Mexico border to speak to an immigration officer to explain the situation and try to defend his case. He was not only just turned away, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) interpreted this action as an attempt to enter the United States and canceled his DACA. 

Edgar's father was deported in 2007, now Edgar was not only not allowed to return, his DACA was canceled by DHS. How much more does Edgar's family have to suffer our unjust immigration system? We ask that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services grant Edgar Humanitarian Parole and reunite him with his family. Sign and share this petition immediately. It is imperative that we try to get Edgar back in the country before Jan. 20th. 

Edgar, as the oldest brother, is a role model for his family. He not only takes care of his niece's and nephews, he actively takes care of his sick mother. She is already suffering without him, our immigration system should not inflict her any more pain by taking away her husband and now her son.

Call or Email: John Bird, Chief, Humanitarian Affairs Branch, International Operations Division, US Citizenship & Immigration Services. (202) 272-1639 

Sample Script: "We ask that your office grant Humanitarian Parole to Edgar Eduardo Vasquez Riano, Alien# A204781355. Edgar's home is North Carolina, and this country is all he has ever known. Edgar was unjustly turned away and not allowed to board his plane in Mexico City back into the United States. Edgar and his family have already suffered devastating consequences of our unjust immigration system. His father was deported from North Carolina for driving without a license. Edgar and his family have gone through enough. We ask that you not allow his family to suffer any longer and reunite Edgar with his family as soon as possible."

Thank you! 

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