Remove judge Adam Haney from the bench

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Adam Haney needs to be removed from bench and looked into for adoption fraud and indicted on aiding and abetting in kidnapping charges. Haney is biased in the adoption process and does not give biological parents a fair chance when contesting the adoption of their own children. He has adopted children and should not even preside over adoption cases because he does not use his best judgement. He caters to adoptive parents and does not acknowledge the efforts of biological parents trying to keep their children. He also has ties to the local adoption agency and his wife also knows one of the directors of the adoption agency. The removal of Judge Adam Haney needs to be done, too many families are suffering because of this judge pushing his adoption agenda. This will preserve families in the future if a fair and honest judge is on the bench handling these cases.


"If you are interested in becoming a member of our Network, please contact Tara Haney." This is his wife, she works for Franciscan missionaries of our lady and one of their affiliated hospitals are St Elizabeth hospital, which also happens to be a adoption center.

This judge is a threat to children and parents, the attorney for the adoption agency has a catholic background and also has adopted kids. Having a judge with adopted children and a lawyer creates a conflict of interest. My case should have never been handled by that judge.