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Sign the Petition urging the Governor of Louisiana to free his constituent Fair Wayne Bryant from unjust imprisonment! #JusticeforBryant #BlackLivesMatter #endmassincarceration 

In 1997 38 year old Fair Wayne Bryant, a Black man, was stopped by police in Shreveport Louisiana for attempted stealing of hedge clippers. Since this was his fifth felony, (only one of which was violent) Bryant was sentenced to life in prison through Louisiana's habitual offender laws! That was over 20 years ago!

The Louisiana Supreme Court just denied review of Bryant's case effectively closing many legal options for him. The lone descent on the Louisiana Supreme Court came from the only Black Judge, Chief Justice Bernette Johnson, who said that this practice amounted to a modern version of “Pig Laws,” created by White Southern Lawmakers after the Civil War as a way to keep Black people in poverty during Reconstruction. The Chief Justice explained these Pig Laws were a way to, "re-enslave African Americans... [by] target[ing] actions such as stealing cattle and swine—considered stereotypical 'negro' behavior—by lowering the threshold for what constituted a crime and increasing the severity of its punishment." 

The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, can grant clemency for Fair Wayne Bryant today! By doing so, Bryant, who is now over 60, can go free and and not be imprisoned under this grave injustice! Sign the Petition urging the Governor of Louisiana to free his constituent from unjust imprisonment! #JusticeforBryant #BlackLivesMatter #EndMassIncarceration 

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