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Bring back Kellogg's Coco Pops Straws

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Slurping milk up with a chocolate straw. Eating the straw. Having 8 for breakfast. Pouring yourself a glass of milk at night, feeling your eyebrow raise, taking a straw out of the cupboard, nobody has to know. Drinking your glass of milk with a chocolate straw, asking yourself: "how can life be this good?". Remember those days? Those days are gone.

I don't know about you but there's not a single person I know that disliked Coco Pops Straws, but they were taken away from us. I for one cannot stand this any longer. Just once, one more time, again in my life, I want to drink milk with a chocolate straw.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

It's 2am, the new Rick and Morty is out, you've got yourself a nice glass of milk and a cheeky little chocolate straw. You're laughing, you're getting comfortable in your chair, here comes the milk, oh wait... chocolate straw. You press it to your lips, oh it's going to taste so good when you can finally bite down on it, but for now you know you must resist. You touch the straw to the milk, watching the ripples it creates, that milk doesn't look bad either, you put your mouth on the straw, licking it a little, mmm chocolate, you begin slurping, wincing in anticipation, the milk is coming, you know it's going to be cold. Oh yeah it's cold. You've had a taste and now you want more. You're slurping hard now, you don't even care, you want it all in your belly. You want that straw. Oh yeah, the milk is turning chocolatey. This is what your day has been building to. A symphony of the senses. The milk is gone. You look at your nigh empty glass, longingly, finding comfort in the straw. You are the one straw. You were always the one. You take that first bite. You taste the chocolate, you taste the wheat, you chew, there's the syrup, meshing together in your mouth, now the milk, soaking in, washing away the chocolate. The next bite comes in quick. It's not enough. Bite after bite, you're insatiable. The straw is becoming more firm as you move along. Those are separate pleasures, not to be stolen away with this milk sodden delight. First comes the damp bite, this is the best. Crunch and milk, it's like a briefly soaked bourbon but so much better. The last bite, a hard crunch then.... milk, such a small amount of milk, like water in the desert, soothing your arid mouth, letting you revel in this last moment of ecstasy. You look around the room and the sense that all is right with the world washes over you.

Bring back Coco Pops Straws.

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