Provide Emergency Shelter for Victims of the Westcourt Fire

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On November 12, 2019, a fire erupted in the basement of the high-rise building in Windsor known as Westcourt Place, displacing over 200 residents. This included people with disabilities, as well as the young and elderly.

On December 5, 2019, 837690 Ontario Ltd aka Westcourt Place Residences stopped paying for residents' hotel accommodations and has abdicated all responsibility since then.

This decision has left a sizable group of vulnerable people in a very dangerous situation. Some of these residents have been forced into local homeless shelters, where they are subject to potential theftharassment, and violence.

Westcourt Place had a long history of maintenance issues prior to the fire, including problems with bedbugs. The cause of the fire is attributed directly to the owner's neglect of the property.

The President of the parent company 837690 Ltd is Joey Schwebel, who happens to be the chairman of Trimera Group - the owners of Gottex - a popular swimwear brand from Israel.

Joey Schwebel has the resources to make this problem go away. He could easily afford to pay for these people's hotels for the duration of the reconstruction.

The petition is asking Joey Schwebel to cover ALL EXPENSES, and to work with the City of Windsor to make good on these demands:

1) Place ALL residents displaced from the fire in reasonable, alternative accommodations immediately, and until restoration is complete.

2) Provide a clear outline on reconstruction.

The tenants didn't start the fire, and are NOT to blame for this mess.

Sign this petition to keep these people warm this Christmas / Holiday Season