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Eliminate accessabilty of drugs on "hook-up" phone apps

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With a growing number of people using applications much like Grindr & Tindr, it is a concern that drug solicitation is becoming an online "norm". It is important for these app developers to take responsibilty for the content that is made available on their designs, currently "Scruff" is the only application that has an automatic detection of drug reference or drug solicitation. It is the app developers responsibility to ensure its users are not subjected to illegal interactions such as drug sollicitation, we are proposing that the app developers place automatic screening on profiles and remove any illegal referencing. Currently on Grindr if you were to report a profile for solicitation of Drugs there is very little that is done, it should be that the persons IP address is bared from using the service and or directed to discontinue the behaviour. This will ensure safety for people on these applications and encourage change within our most vunerable communities. I have been personally effected by addiction, whilst I understand the implications of drug use and the repsonsibility I have to take for my action it is also important the app developers take responsibility for the monitoring and sensoring of their product.

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