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#SaveTheFortians: Stop the "Connected Curricula" program in Fort Street High School

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In 2016, Fort Street High School began trialing a program called "Connected Curricula", which claims to allow students to explore a wide range of subjects in their project that will span the majority of the school curriculum. The Year 8 students must study a type or trigger of adolescent anxiety.

This program adds to the already far too high workload of students dealing with social, academic, and family lives filled with dysfunction and anxiety in many cases. This project takes away from important class time in which students can focus on subjects and learn them more efficiently than if they were trying to shoehorn them into a single project. The combined topics students are made to include make the project too large to handle with the already ever-increasing school workload. Why take away from class time to make students complete a project whose topic will serve no purpose in later life?

Students are made to study the anxiety a lot of them experience on a daily basis. When put into this perspective, it makes students feel dehumanised and objectified, being studied like test subjects. Students are graded on their experiences, told that they are "wrong" because what their experience doesn't line up with the findings of "professionals" who test and find and write, but never even try to listen to the people who actually experience what they're studying. Studying anxiety in this way promotes this viewpoint.

Do we really want our students being taken out of class to study something that is ultimately based on experience, and will not be a feature of the later life that high schools claim to try so hard to prepare kids for?

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