Take Back Hoosier Heights Climbing LLC Communities

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We, the collective Hoosier Heights/Climb NuLu community, believe that the Hoosier Heights/Climb NuLu management have created an environment that is unsafe, unethical, and unscrupulous. Following several public statements from former employees, it is necessary to state our main objections to the management of Hoosier Heights Climbing LLC. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Current and former employees have stated that management has facilitated a culture of racism, homophobia, sexual discrimination and harassment in their facilities in the following ways: 

    -Assertions that: Management has spoken openly about beliefs in eugenics and the superiority of the white race. Management has stated distaste for people of color in the facilities. Management claims to value diversity while hiring almost exclusively white individuals.

    -Assertions that: Management has refused to support the LGBTQ+ community in their facilities, even asking that Pride flags be kept out of marketing and physical facilities for fear of turning off conservative clientele. 

    -Assertions that: Management has made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to some of the female employees. Some managers have suggested some of the young female employees have sexual relations with them. Management has had sexual relations during facility hours in work offices with no repercussive action taken. Some staff have experienced sexual harassment from coworkers without repercussion. 

    -Assertions that: Management have consistently prioritized male staff for promotions regardless of merit or experience.
  2. Current and former employees have stated that management has not paid the majority of staff a livable wage and prioritized their own profit in the following ways:

    -Assertions that: Base pay for most hourly employees started at $8/hr regardless of experience or position. 

    -Assertions that: Pay discrepancies have existed, largely with womxn making less.

    -Assertions that: Employees have been pressured to work overtime without overtime pay, even off-the-clock.

    -Assertions that: Management has violated workers compensation protocols.
  3. Current and former employees have stated that management does not take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of employees and patrons, and has actively required staff to complete unsafe tasks.

    -Assertions that: Management has refused to hire professionals to complete unsafe or skill-specified work. Instead, management has required some hourly employees to complete this work.

    -Assertions that: The majority of Hoosier Heights/Climb NuLu employees are not given first aid training, and have been specifically instructed not to offer medical attention, as it is an insurance liability.

    -Assertions that: Defibrillator systems are required in all gyms and health clubs by Indiana State Law (- IC 24-4-15-5). Management has refused to pay for defibrillators and their subsequent training costs. An incident occurred last year in the Hoosier Heights Bloomington (IN) facility where an individual died. The presence of a defibrillator could have increased survival odds. 

    -Assertions that: Management has neglected OSHA statues, resulting in violations regarding maintenance, operational features for exit routes, personal protection equipment, hazardous substances (asbestos), personal fall protection systems, and fire extinguishing/detection systems.

There have been numerous claims made highlighting experiences of maltreatment, bigotry, and abuse of power. We collectively stand for justice, equity, and inclusion in our community, and do not believe that management upholds the values and practices that represent us. We demand that the following changes be made: 

  • That the business model of Hoosier Heights Climbing LLC, and all its facilities, be restructured into a community co-operative, allowing us to instill a value system that represents the climbing community, and ensures ethical operations.
  • That insurance and liability policies undergo intensive review by an external agency, and that all staff receive standardized, documented, paid training including, but not limited to First Aid, CPR/AED, and climbing gym protocols.
  • That defibrillators be purchased for all facilities.
  • That all facilities undergo a thorough inspection from a community-approved professional, ensuring the safety of equipment and environmental working conditions.
  • Management will issue written apologies to the community, and address the specific concerns listed above.

As a collective, we are dedicated to the reform of this business and the betterment of our community. Until these demands are satisfied we will:

  • Actively withhold all financial contributions to Hoosier Heights Climbing LLC through boycott, and encourage other community members to do the same.
  • Terminate our memberships and share this petition with our networks.
  • Stand in solidarity with those who have been negatively impacted by the leadership at Hoosier Heights Climbing LLC. 

We seek to organize a co-operative climbing facility, and will embody the justice and equity our community deserves. We support higher wages for employees, diverse hiring practices, and the implementation of ethical standards regulated by the community. 


In Solidarity.