End abortion extremism in the Democratic Party

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I am a pro-life Democrat. There are 21 million voters like me in the United States.

But for years, the Democratic Party Platform, an official statement of what my party believes, has become more and more extreme. In 2016, the Platform effectively endorsed abortion-on-demand, up until birth, for any reason, and funded by the taxpayer. This extreme position is only supported by 21% of Americans, according to a 2020 Marist Poll.

Worse, the Democratic Party is actively excluding pro-life votersIn January, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg refused to tell me - a woman - that I am welcome in the Democratic Party.

This extreme position on abortion alienates voters, especially immigrant and Hispanic voters. That's why we're asking you to support my efforts to change the Democratic Party's approach to abortion.

In my open letter, I lay out several specific ways the Democratic Party can address the concerns of pro-life Democrats. At the very least, the Party should drop its support of taxpayer-funded abortion, a truly extreme position that it only began to support in 2016. We also ask that they at least acknowledge that Democrats have diverse views on abortion: like it did in the 2000 Party Platform.

If this language doesn't change, the Democratic Party will be prioritizing the abortion lobby over ordinary voters. Joe Biden needs to know that there is widespread grassroots opposition among Democrats to the official position of their party. Pro-life Democrats will not sit back and let our party walk all over us.

Abortion extremism is fundamentally incompatible with the Democratic values of equality, non-violence, and non-discrimination. Together, we can build a Democratic Party which is truly progressive: which supports women and children before and after birth, and which fights for real solutions - not violence.

Kristen Day