JobKeeper amendment leaves thousands of Australian DNATA workers without support.

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I am one of the thousands of DNATA workers  who are not eligible for JobKeeper due to changes made by the government on May 1 2020. DNATA supplies in-flight catering for Qantas flights. It belongs to the Emirates Group, owned by the government of Dubai. It is because of the foreign ownership that about 4,500 DNATA workers who are Australian citizens and residents, are being denied crucial support during these difficult times.

Only two years ago, the catering business of Qantas was offloaded to DNATA. Before that, we all were loyal employees of Qantas for years; some even for decades. I myself have been working here for 12 years. We feel abandoned and helpless in this hour of need. We were relying on JobKeeper payments to help us through this time but now the government has suddenly changed the legislation.

I am disappointed by the government’s decision to change the eligibility criteria for JobKeeper at such short notice. We don’t have large savings that can tide us through this time. It leaves our families in a very vulnerable position.

The airline industry is a long way from full recovery, if it gets there at all. We need a solution that protects Australian workers affected by the economic collapse, including those employed by DNATA.  

Please sign and share this petition calling on the Federal Government to put us back on JobKeeper so we can survive the pandemic.