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Stop Natural Gas Leaks, Hold Utilities Accountable

In March 2015, Massachusetts' utilities were required for the first time to file a report with the state identifying natural gas leaks. Some of these leaks have existed for decades, as utilities are required only to fix leaks that are considered explosive. 

In Salem, National Grid has identified 55 leaks, the oldest of which was first reported in 1992. Even if these leaks are not an imminent danger to the community, they cause serious health and environmental hazards, including:

  • Killing trees, by suffocating their roots
  • Increasing rates of asthma and other respiratory disorders
  • Releasing methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere 

The utilities must be held accountable. Currently the cost of leaked gas is passed on to consumers, so there is no incentive for utilities to make repairs.

We urge our legislators and the Governor to enact the following legislation to address the timely repair of gas leaks across the Commonwealth. 

  • H.2870/S.1768 forces the utilities to pay for leaked gas rather than passing the cost on to ratepayers.
  • H.2871/S1767 requires the utilities to fix all gas leaks while streets are open for other road projects

These bills will protect public safety, our health, and the environment. Their timely passage is essential.


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    Joan Lovely
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    Stanley Rosenberg
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  • Salem City Councillor Beth Gerard
  • Governor
    Charlie Baker

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