Criminalize the Abuse of Animals in China NOW

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Imagine a place where it is legal for the police to barge into your home then bludgeon your dog to death just because his size exceeded the allowable height set arbitrarily by the municipality. It is difficult to wrap our head around this hypothetical scenario, except it is the reality lived by the citizens residing in the city of Beijing, and many other major cities in China. 

It is legal to abuse animals and distribute gruesome abuse videos in China. A disturbing video shows the police seizing a little girl’s golden retriever and bludgeoning him to death on the street. Another video shows a man pouring boiling hot water onto his pregnant cat until it became unresponsive to maximize the number of views and followers on Tiktok. These appalling videos are just a tip of an iceberg.

Xi, Jinping, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party has publicly declared “dogs are people’s best companion”; however, the laws and practices in the country failed to reflect the spirit of the message. We urge the Chinese government to CRIMINALIZE the abuse of domestic animals, BAN the production and distribution of animal abuse media, and to RELAX or ELIMINATE the dog size restrictions across China.

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