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Seeking Justice for Fred and Wilma

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We as a community and I as a Rescue leader across the Nation would like to demand that JUSTICE be served for the abuse and neglect of these two precious dogs.  
These dogs were neglected and abused and tortured with no food and water and no protection from the elements.  There was two precious dogs and a Rooster allowed to suffer and starve nearly to death.  These two precious dogs suffered horrific illness which could have been cured and or treated to extend their lives.  Preventative care to prevent one disease that is so cheaply and readily available to prevent and yet so deadly if not.  

Instead J as we will refer to the said accused did nothing of the sort.  She tossed two dogs in her yard and a rooster and starved them leaving them unvetted to suffer and ultimately led to them both loosing their lives.  
But with 5 different Veterinarians after thousands to save them both they were to far gone to be able to continue on.  All professionals have stated in writing that these precious lives were suffering with what could have been treated cured or prolonged life diseases and their condition of starvation was NOT caused by any of the illness it was ABSOLUTELY a result of starvation and meaning no food and water provided for what had to have been an extremely prolonged time frame. This applied to the Rooster as well.  

Rescue when taking dogs with the authorities on hand noted that there was food but not one time clearly had it been fed.  

Fred as the male was named, gained in his short time of being in rescue gained 20 lbs and was loved so unconditionally until his heart could take no more.  And he was allowed to rest in Heaven.  
Wilma was a lion at heart and gave it all she could.  She captured the rescues heart and for she captured social media and the nations heart that knew her or of her.  Wilma gained 42 lbs in rescue in her short time.  To know that her suffering was because of neglect and lack of care rips the heart from our chest.  Both these dogs deserve better and they certainly deserve justice.

We as a loving caring Group that is the voice for the innocent demand justice for these lives.  These are felony Charges and we demand you take them seriously.  We demand that you uphold the law and your lack of knowing the law does not make an excuse for not abiding by it. 

The Rooster has survived his neglect and went from 14oz to 4.5 lbs so far.

Please sign this petition and demand that our voices be heard.  

Quitman County in Mississippi is where this happened.  

Come to court if you can stand with all of us that will no longer let Mississippi ignore the animals and ignore the torture and abuse and neglect of the animals.  Say you will be their voice.  You will walk the line for them.  You will stand up in courts and in the Press and you will defend them.  Do not allow another man or woman as in this case to abuse and mistreat and neglect the animals.  Do not allow one more animal to suffer in someones back yard while they live life nothing is happening around them.  Teaching their small child this is okay.  Do not allow someone to say I am sorry and it be forgiven or scream I am a mom and allow that to make it forgiven.  

I am asking you all to tell this court and county that you stand with Fred and Wilma and the thousands of innocent lives in MS and everywhere that you are here to be the voice of each one of them.  

Please sign this Petition and ask everyone you know to sign it.

County Prosecuting Attorney
Jimmy Miller
P.O. Box 209
Marks, MS 38646-0209
662.326.4223                                                                                                   JLMMARKS@BELLSOUTH.NET


Quitman County Justice Court
275 East Main Street
Marks, MS 38646
Tel: 662-326-2104
Fax: 662-326-2330

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