End the Use of Elephants as an Entertainment in the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

End the Use of Elephants as an Entertainment in the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

December 3, 2019
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Mid-America Festivals Jim Peterson
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Why this petition matters

There are 3 main problems with giving Elephant rides in the Minnesota Renaissance Festival:

1. These elephants are provided by Trunks and Humps which is known for being cruel to elephants. Trainers use violent and inhumane training methods like bullhooks and corporal punishment to make wild animals submissive and coerce them into performances. (Watch this to learn more; https://youtu.be/QYjrjQ_SGAk).

2. These elephants are subjected to prolonged confinement as they are hauled from city to city in poorly ventilated trucks and trailers. They are denied basic necessities, such as adequate exercise and access to clean cages, food, water, and veterinary care. In this case, the elephants have to travel from Texas to Minnesota. 

3. There were no elephant rides in Europe during the Renaissance period, i.e., in the 14th and 17th centuries. Therefore, elephant rides bears no cultural attachment to the festival, adding to the unnecessary participation of using animals as an entertainment.

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival has banned elephant rides in 2017, many states like Illinois and New York have banned the Use of Elephants in Entertainment including giving rides, Ringling Bros have also stopped all their elephants acts in 2016. MINNESOTA can STOP this inhuman participation involving the use of elephants as an entertainment. YOU can help by signing this petition!


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Signatures: 2,189Next Goal: 2,500
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