Medical Cannabis has about 24,000 Studies and Reviews Pass It for the Patients.

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   I just want to show my support for medical cannabis. This compassionate option for Children, Veterans and Every Hoosier that needs a different option for treatment when other treatments have failed them should not be left without hope. Medical Cannabis/Marijuana has almost 24,000 studies and reviews to look at it's effectiveness.

   For far to long many have used misinformation, slivers of truth to stoke fear and anger to prevent the advancement of medical cannabis/marijuana. This stalling is killing thousands of Hoosiers and Americans in just the fact that medical cannabis can prevent overdoses let alone the other medical reasons found over last 20 years.

   Fear, Intimidation and threats of imprisonment to dying people is not strength or leadership. It is government at it's worst, being a big bully. Trying to pick on the vulnerable, sick and hurting. So, a moral ethical stance I send you this petition to stand up for what it good and true. Give hope to the sick, dying and hopeless. Be the leader we all need you to be sooner rather than later. How many more people must die before we learn?  

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