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Include Immigration Reform in Domestic Policy Debate

UPDATE October 1, 2012: We just delivered your signatures to the NewsHour offices. Stay tuned for the debate on October 3!

After months of campaigning across the US, the Presidential Debates put President Obama and Governor Romney in the same room, where they have to answer hard questions about our nation's future. During these debates, we deserve to have the most relevant and important issues addressed so that all voters are well informed before  November 6. At the top of this list is comprehensive immigration reform.

We can’t have patchwork solutions for our immigration policies. Our current system splits families apart, threatens workers' safety, and continues to isolate immigrant communities. Now, more than ever, we need comprehensive immigration reform. And we need to know where candidates stand.

Before going to the voting booth this fall, voters need to know where President Obama and Governor Romney stand on comprehensive immigration reform. And when better to find out than during the Presidential Debates.

Ask the Commission on Presidential Debates to include immigration reform in the domestic policy debate.

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