Cancel cars on Chestnut Street this summer

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Dear Mayor Jim Kenney and the City of Philadelphia,

This summer, we want a Chestnut Street free of car traffic. We want to transform Philadelphia's favorite commercial corridor into a pedestrian- and transit-friendly haven.

New York canceled cars on crowded 14th Street, and the roadway is safer with buses moving twice as fast. 

San Francisco canceled cars on Market Street – the city's second-busiest street – and bikers are happier and safer.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia: Chestnut Street is one of the deadliest streets in our city when it comes to traffic-related injuries.

Let's transform Chestnut Street from gridlock to a pedestrian haven and transit paradise. Starting with a pilot program this summer, we petition to:

  1. Create high-speed bus and transit lanes on Chestnut Street, from the Delaware River to Schuykill River
  2. Limit road access to commercial vehicles and for private vehicles to travel up to one block for passenger pick-ups and drop-offs. Curb access would still be available.
  3. Roll out the change with the help of Philadelphia’s Public Safety Enforcement Officers.
  4. Evaluate the success of a car-free street in Center City, Philadelphia (e.g. less traffic, fewer traffic-related injuries and deaths, and increased foot traffic for local businesses). Let's get this off the ground fast as an experiment, but with an eye toward making permanent changes to our city's roadways.

We, the citizens of Philadelphia, are ready for this. We see the car bans happening around the world as nothing short of revolutionary. We want to feel safe on our streets. We don't ride Route 42 because the bus is perpetually stuck in traffic.

This is an opportunity for a radical transformation in Philadelphia.

We want safer streets, better transit, and fewer cars.

Let's make a change this summer and #CancelCars on Chestnut Street. ☀


Citizens and Friends of The City of Philadelphia

Why Chestnut Street?

  • 50% of traffic deaths and injuries in Philadelphia occur on just 12% of streets. Chestnut Street has one of the worst track records for traffic and for traffic-related injuries and deaths.
  • Chestnut Street is one of our city's largest commercial corridors. Making this street more pedestrian-friendly will support our local businesses – like Stock, Di Bruno Bros, and Liberty Place Mall.
  • The Chestnut Street Bridge is closed through at least August 2020, already limiting the utility of this road for cars and trucks this summer.
  • The summer is a great time to pilot this, as car traffic is already reduced with more people vacationing at the shore and out of the city.
  • "Cancel Cars on Chestnut" is an amazing alliteration.