Bring Open Streets Weekends to Philly in Summer 2016

Bring Open Streets Weekends to Philly in Summer 2016

September 28, 2015
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Started by Open Streets PHL

During this weekend's Papal visit, residents and visitors experienced Philadelphia's streets as never before.

Limiting motor vehicle access opened up our streets in new and unforeseen ways. Rather than feeling hampered by these measures, residents and visitors alike got a taste of freedom. Children played in the streets, visitors sang songs, couples strolled hand-in-hand, runners enjoyed new and amazing routes, and bike riders delighted at the strange ease of moving around the city.

Thousands of us fell in love with the open streets of Philadelphia this weekend. But the Pope's departure doesn't have to be the end of this story.

Let's make this the start of something great--a new tradition of reclaiming public streets for people in Philadelphia.

What's more, we can do it better next time. Open Streets PHL will be focused on fun for residents rather than moving a million people from around the world through a high-security zone. Lots of Center City businesses saw their sales dip over the Papal Festival weekend; we need to include those businesses in planning this from the jump. We’re confident Open Streets can be an opportunity for neighborhood businesses to meet new customers and generate new business.

To pull this off, we need your help. Will you sign this petition to help us win a campaign to hold three Open Streets weekends in Center City next summer?

We're already hearing some of the decision-makers are on board, but we need strong commitments from all parties. A big show of support on this petition is needed to get the job done.

When you're done signing, be sure to share it with your friends, and follow the campaign on our website and social media.


This petition made change with 4,180 supporters!

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