Tell Jim Justice to lock down West Virginia

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In case we were unclear...a stay at home order is not enough!! Why are churches still open? Why are auto sales? Why are construction companies?? Unless they are building hospitals...shut it down!! Why have we not ordered people to stay home! Only allow one person out per family once a week to shop! Or better yet, make stores pick up only and find a way to make that happen for stores that don't normally do this. Otherwise order people to stay home unless it is a medical emergency. We don't need drive thru restaurants open! We don't need our mail delivered for a while. Grocery store workers and pharmacists are exposed!!! Limit how often people can shop to protect them! If store workers all get sick then the stores will have to close! Then what? I have heard countless stories of people still going going out daily like nothing is happening! Jim Justice you need to protect our state!! Immediately! You've wasted time already. This will cause more deaths than necessary. A day of prayer isn't going to save us! Shutting us down might!

Our state cannot afford to risk our health! Our elderly are at risk. Our health care workers are at risk. To stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus we need to lock down the whole state! 

We urge you Jim Justice to do even more! Shut our state down. No nonessential travel whatsoever. Limit the number of customers allowed in stores. Limit the days people can shop. Immediately find more places as makeshift hospitals. Find places for health care workers to rest without bringing this virus home to their loved ones. Close down drive thru restaurants. Close down all businesses and promise our people that are without an income that they will not lose their homes. Suspend rent and mortgages. Get the military to help bring food and medicine to our homes so we don't have to go out!

We absolutely should have done this a week ago. We are behind already and we need to do more. Impose fines or jail time on those that do not heed these things and are putting the rest of the population at risk. Advocate for our people to get as much personal protective gear as possible and push to get more medical supplies such as medicine and ventilators. Don't let our state be the worst with this as our beloved mountain state so often is! Protect our people immediately!