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Help Return Baby Camden Home to Carri

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Carri is a mother of 5 beautiful children, and has the support of her family and many friends. Her son, Baby Camden, was born on March 31st, 2014 outside of Columbus, Oh to Carri S. On that day Carri should have been holding him, caressing him and giving him that newborn love that happens in each birthing room. But that was not the case. For much of her pregnancy, Carri was in a crisis that left her feeling alone and insecure. Only a few days before Cam was born, she reached out to Adoption by Gentle Care of Ohio. Frightened and uncertain of her situation and the future, she needed understanding and guidance.

On that day before Cam was to arrive, her phone call was answered by Kelli, a case worker for Adoption by Gentle Care of OH. Though Kelli was aware Carri was in a crisis, she became pursuant and suggested Carri meet her promptly over coffee at Bob Evans. From that point on, CAm's future life was like putty in this adoption agency's hands. In only 3 days time after the first meeting, Carri was pressured, told to lie on the paperwork that the father didn't want Cam, that Cam had no Native American heritage (It is a LAW that the truth must be provided about this question) and much more. Rather than support and help to make the right decision for her and for Cam, this case worker pressured her to make the best decision for the agency, which stood to make a profit off of adopting him to waiting parents. No money was accepted by Carri for her medical bills, or for Cam.

When she gave birth, she had second thoughts. Even her obstetrician who had provided care to her throughout her pregnancy has stated under oath that she was in a crisis mode and that he did not believe she planned to give up her baby to adoption. But the case worker used a combination of threats and coercion against Carri, and the agency ended up with Baby Cam. Because she was under the influence of her personal crisis, and also pain relieving medication, and the duress of the worker, when Carri's head cleared, she sought the return of her baby. This happened within days of making this fateful decision. The prospective adoptive parents, not wishing to fight a mother for her child, gave him back to the agency. However, the agency, rather than working with Carri, placed him in foster care, refusing to return the baby boy to his mother.

For several months, Carri pleaded and begged and then fought for the return of her child. Then came the horrible news from the agency. Cam was diagnosed with a hereditary eye condition. They did not even tell Carri at first what his condition was, but she has since learned it is de Mosier syndrom, also known as septo-optic dysplasia (SOD). This is a rare disorder characterized by visual impairment due to under development of the optic nerve, pituitary deficiencies, and specific brain abnormalities (absence of the septum pelluncidum and corpus callosaum). There is no cure for de Morsier's syndrome. Treatment is based on symptoms, including hormone replacement for the deficiencies, vision therapy and handicap services, as well as physical and occupational therapies for mobility training. The earlier the diagnosis and the more aggressive the treatment, the more chance this child has of living a near-normal life.

Carri knows Camden has the illness, but she has no idea what special care, if any, he is receiving. She knows one thing. He need her. She made a mistake by giving him up for adoption when she was in a crisis and felt alone. She wanted him back before he was even taken away. But now that she is aware of his health issues, she knows he needs his mommy, and it has become even nmore critical that he comes home.

This illness will make him difficult to place for adoption, but the agency continues to refuse to return him. So the fight to bring Camden home continues. Carri is determined and devoted and loving mother. Camden can do no better than that.   

By supporting this petition with your signatures, we are asking Adoption by Gentle Care of Ohio to do the RIGHT thing, Return this sweet boy back to his Mother & family.

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