Get Ford to remove its Interceptors from Use in Police Brutality

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As of 6 June 2020 there have been many reports of excessive police force used against those protesting the death of George Floyd. While at times some use of force is necessary for law enforcement, violence against peaceful protesters cannot be tolerated. Videos of police misusing Ford Interceptor Utility vehicles are in circulation. We believe that the Ford Motor Company, as the manufacturer of the vehicle base, has some stake in these events.

What we ask is for three actions from the Ford Motor Company.

1) Recall Ford IUVs from Law Enforcers using violent tactics (battery, transport of gas canisters, excessive force, etc).

2) Refuse sales and services to Law Enforcers using violent tactics.

3) Declare solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Please keep in mind that while the Ford Motor Company can refuse to take action, there is the very real possibility of damage to the brand of the company, and the loss of sales to private individuals. Many consider Ford as a respectable company, however inaction runs the risk of alienating consumers and reconsider alternatives. 

We thank the Ford Motor Company for listening to its customers and hope that the company stands with them in these times.