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Custodial parent accountability regulations (Child Support in KS)

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Custodial parent accountability regulations (Child Support in KS): Implement accountancy regulation for child support (KS). It is important because there is too much child support sent for children and children of age majority attending college that is not child focused and used for custodial parent personal expenditures with no accountability, thereby allowing such child support monies to be used for anything, including illicit use and activities that do not benefit the child (children) or child of age majority attending college. It is not fair or just for the child or the paying (non-custodial) parent. It is financially irresponsible and abusive to say the least. Courts often use the the term "In the best interest of the child" but lack the regulation to ensure that child support be used in the "best interest of the child". In the United States, 10 states (Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington) allow courts to demand an accounting on expenses and spending from custodial parents. Additionally, Alabama courts have authorized such accounting under certain specific circumstances.
What we want: The state of Kansas to implement accountancy regulation for custodial parents receiving child support to ensure that child support is used/spent in the best interest of the child. The goal is to have Kansas adopt similar accountability regulations as the other 10 states in the United States that have such regulations. We are not asking for anything out of the ordinary. If the non-custodial (paying) parent is to be held financially accountable (with punitive results), the custodial parent should also be held financially accountable (with punitive results) for irresponsible and neglectful child support use/spending as well. We as parents should want to make sure that what we financially provide for the support of our children is used for our children. It is unhealthy for the children who are caught up in the middle of custody battles, and fuels unnecessary animosity and resentment from payor parents. Pseudo-aliomony needs to be eliminated from the child support formula. Child support should be capped at the minimum amount needed to raise a child. Recipients of child support
need to be held accountable for spending the funds.

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