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Stop Allowing the Re-Homing of Pets on Your Site

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You may not know about the heart wrenching story of "Puppy Doe", or Kiya; I live in Massachusetts and I only heard about her yesterday.  Kiya's owner needed to re-home the dog, and turned to craigslist to do so.  She was found abandonded in Quincy on August 31st, barely clinging to life.

(The following was taken from the Boston Herald)

The list of injuries ?“Puppy Doe” suffered is a gut-churning recitation of depravity, according to the vet who performed her necropsy, Martha Smith-Blackmore. Authorities have said they are concerned that whoever did it is a psychopath who could move on to attacks on humans.

The puppy was starved, beaten with a heavy object, stabbed in the eye, repeatedly burned over her body, and her tongue was sliced down the middle. Her limbs were pulled from her joints while she was still living, as evidenced by blood that pooled in the empty sockets, Smith-Blackmore said. The dog had to be euthanized because of the extent of the injuries, the vet said.

The vet, who works for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, went on to say it was the worst case of animal abuse she had ever seen.  I don't know about you, but that account makes me physically sick to my stomach.  Maybe Kiya's owner felt that if she took her to a shelter she would be euthanized because of her breed (not true), but that would have been a million times better than what she was made to endure.  

There is a reason why people like these depraived individules look to craigslist for "pets", because they could never attain one otherwise.  At least not without paying for it.   There's also a reason why shelters make people seemingly jump through hoops to adopt.   Because they would never want to be thought to be responsible for anything remotely close to this.

I would be surprised if you felt you were responsible for this, or any of the other heinous acts people commited on animals they recieved through your site.  But you should, at least a little.  You should have taken that part of your site away a long time ago.  After all, this isn't the first time a horrific case of animal abuse has been traced back to your site.  And it's no secret that abusers and dog fighters alike turn to Craigslist to attain free animals. I am urging you to shut down the pets portion of your site immediately.  I am also asking that you make a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, who is offering $5000 for information leading to an arrest.  Please, do the right thing.

Thank you

Cassie Miller

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