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Remove the Statute of Limitations on Sexual Abuse of Children

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I am writing to urge you to remove the Statute of Limitations on the sexual abuse of a child. This law further victimizes those suffering from a horrendous crime in which they were reliant upon others to defend them. California law currently has an 8 year statute of limitation for this awful crime.  While many children who are sexually abused do have adults in their lives to defend them, unfortunately, there are also many, like myself, who didn't.  As an 18 year old who had been through sexual abuse as a child, I wanted the perpetrator held accountable but lacked the knowledge to put that into action. I also did not have the financial resources to obtain legal help and did not even know where he was anymore.  By the time I was in a position take action, the current California law stated that it was too late.  Even with his taped confession, he is now free from any consequences for his abuse and can continue to prey on vulnerable children.  California should support the victims of a crime, not the perpetrators, ESPECIALLY when the victims were defenslesss children.  I am not asking for revenge.  I am asking for justice and protection for the current innocent that are in danger of this man and other unidentified predators.  Thank you.

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