Jillian Roland (Office of Portfolio Management): Stop the proposed 2014-2015 co-location at Long Island City HS now.

Stop the proposed 2014-2015 co-location at Long Island City High School now.

Support Long Island City High School by saying "yes" to expanding our school's existing CTE programs and saying "no" to having a separate CTE school move into our building. (CTE: Career & Technical Education)

Restore Long Island City High School's current historical utilization and budget for the 2013-2014 school year. The DOE has cut L.I.C.'s budget by 3 million dollars. This has caused the elimination of many top-quality and award-winning programs. In addition, the budget cuts have caused the excessing of 30 staff members, including our most beloved guidance counselors, teachers and coaches.

Please put an immediate stop to the 2014-2015 proposed co-location at Long Island City High School. Co-location means that students from TWO different schools will be competing with each other inside ONE school building for the limited community resources such as the cafeteria, library, lab rooms, gyms, pool, and auditorium. All students will be better served if any additional CTE programs are part of Long Island City HS,  with all resources used by everyone under one school organization.

Long Island City High School has been delivering quality education since 1893, and has spent the past year steadily improving the effectiveness of instruction and graduation rates. Co-locating another school in the building would set back the improvements made as well as hurt our current CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs.

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    Jillian Roland
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    Dennis M. Walcott

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