Get Khaled his job back at Jewel!

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For those of you that shop at our neighborhood Jewel at Plaza del Prado, one of Jewel’s long-standing employees (Khaled A.) was fired because of an issue with a customer. This customer has been coming to the store regularly during the pandemic for months refusing to wear a mask, harassing the employees at the store and basically causing chaos at the store because of his inability to follow the rules. This customer would verbally abuse various employees, particularly the employee that has since been fired because of his interactions with the customer. The customer called the employee the R word, called him a terrorist because of his nationality and ridiculed his lack of dental work just to name a few things. The police were called more than once regarding this customer causing trouble at the store. After months of this behavior, the customer decided to videotape his encounter when he came into Jewel and sent the tape into Jewel which ultimately resulted in the employee’s dismissal. I have to state that I have no idea what was on the tape but I do know that this man had been allowed to come into the store and harass various employees for an extended period of time already. I am going to write to Jewel to try to get this employee’s job back because I do not think it’s right to allow customers to behave this way and take advantage of the special needs employees that Jewel employs. If anyone is aware of this situation and is interested in helping this employee to get his much needed job back, please join me in signing this petition. Khaled is a member of our community who has served us well, gathering carts, offering to bring groceries to our cars, etc. He is special needs and a hardworking, loyal employee who needs his job and his benefits. 

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