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Jetstar/Qantas: Show compassion and reimburse $1277 and change policies accordingly

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Jetstar needs to show some compassion and stop profiting from the grief of others.

I recently got an international call from my brother in Wollongong NSW. I was in Chon Buri Thailand assisting a friend who just had some surgeries.

My mother was in hospital dying, she had suspected pneumonia, renal failure and a host of other complications and wasnt expected to live. She had stopped eating and was told their was a strong possiblity she would pass away. We had to ask Jetstar for an emergency compassionate flight home so I could be by her side.

Jetstar charged my brother $1277 for a "compassionate" flight home to Sydney so I could be with my dying mother and family.

Due to this emergency and how upset we all were we had no energy to dispute this at the time I just had to get back ASAP however now the dust has settled I feel we need to address this issue and seek compensation. To add insult to injury one of my brothers was also in another country and had to seek a compassionate flight home on a different airline and was given one within the hour and the cost of changing his flight was $20 and he flew home the next day.

I am so upset and would like to pursue this in every way possible hence this petition.

I have tried to call and speak with someone about this issue but no matter which Jetstar number I call I inevitably end up speaking to someone in The Philippines who only has a first name and zero accountability.

Jetstar is fully owned by Qantas but by moving their management offshore and placing it in the hands of Newstar Holdings majority owned by a Singapore company named Westbrook Investments have effectively relinquished responsibility for issues that may arise. I have had no appropriate response to my complaint and I find this appalling. Surely there is some accountability here within Australia who move their activities overseas but remain an Australian company.

We all know that the seat I wont occupy on my original flight home will be resold hence they are assured of not losing a cent from the event of my mothers terminal illness. Well done Jetstar!

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