JETSTAR: my sons have a deadly illness - don’t refuse their medication on flight

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My two sons, 11 and 14 years old, both have a deadly bleeding disorder called Haemophilia. I’m panicking - we’re due to go overseas soon but Jetstar are refusing to allow my son’s life-saving medication as carry-on!!

Jetstar’s current medication ‘carry-on’ policy isn’t just discriminatory, it could cost my boys their lives. Even the slightest bump to the head for my boys on the flight could be deadly if not able to access their medication urgently.

But because their medication will weigh about 13 kgs, Jetstar are refusing it to be ‘carried’ on with us during the flight. It’s ridiculous.

We have a trip booked to Thailand in July and require 6 weeks of medication and supplies to go with us as it’s not available in Thailand. This medication cannot be placed as luggage as if it was to go missing is unable to be replaced. Each unit of factor is $1.50 a unit and my eldest requires 2000iu twice a week and my youngest 1000iu twice a week.

I believe this falls under the disability discrimination act. Please sign and share my petition asking Jetstar to change their policy so that our medication is allowed on as carry on and not under the 7kg per person allowance.

I have full hospital documentation from the Royal Children’s Hospital that states what the medication is used for and that is a lifelong disorder!

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