Save the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow From Extinction

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We need your help to give the rarest bird in North America, the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow, a fighting chance at surviving extinction. Weakened by natural habitat loss from over development of Florida's Dry Prairie Ecosystem, the song of this rare bird may soon be silent. 

The US Fish and Wildlife Service stated that they plan to end the FSGP Program and the partnership with the biologists at the Rare Species Conservation Foundation. By April 1, 2019 US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to relocate the birds in the research area. There is no transparent information on where they will go or what the plan will be to preventing the extinction of this rare songbird.

With the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow being on the brink of extinction, this is the time to come together to work with the biologists who have dedicated over 5 years in the research and breeding program to give these rare birds a chance at survival.

In the recent discovery of a newly identified intestinal parasite effecting this species, it is in the best interest to work with the biologists already researching and practicing ways to protect this vital sparrow.

This is NOT the time to end the program and research that in turn will further destabilize the few chances this near extinct sparrow has. Ending this program and relocating this group of birds may be the end of the chances for survival.

Sign this petition and share with your community to let the leaders making decisions know that you want them to make every effort to protect and preserve Florida Eco-Systems that provide life for these endemic animals and plants. Adopting growth management plans that value adding to conservation lands and preventing the future extinction of many animals and plants in a must.

In light of the recent and cumulative pathogen-research data and the very clear opportunity to engage best scientific and animal-welfare practices and to ensure program transparency at all levels together with the efforts the Rare Species Conservation Foundation. Tell them that you want the US Fish and Wildlife Service and The Florida Wildlife Commission to work with the Rare Species Conservation Foundation to give this rare songbird a chance to survive.

The Florida Grasshopper Sparrow deserves our collective and best efforts.